Michael Flaxman, Principal Engineer

Michael was on the founding team of several startups, including Thumbtack, Priceonomics and CoinSafe. He fell in love with Bitcoin in 2013 and has built a number of blockchain applications including BlockCypher's popular Block Explorer. Michael graduated from Brown University in 2007 and currently lives in Manhattan.


Should I Migrate to an Async Framework?

The main problem with (traditional) synchronous code, is that processes hang while waiting for external data. Have you ever wondered “why do we need to provision yet another beefy AWS machine?” It may be because you’re not using your existing ones efficiently.

Python 3's Killer Feature: asyncio

A massive debate in the python community about python2/3 has been raging for years. The main reason for python3 to diverge was to provide unambiguous types to handle unicode, strings and bytes (more here), but recently there’s been a bigger divergence that’s gone largely unnoticed. python3.4 introduced the asyncio module and python3.5 gave it a new syntax that is built into the language. Asyncio...

Write Fast Apps Using Async Python 3.6 and Redis

One of the common complaints people have about python and other popular interpreted languages (Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, etc) is that they’re slow. A faster language would give better response times and reduce server costs.

The Blockchain is Evolutionary not Revolutionary

Many people across the technology and financial industries are dubbing blockchains as the greatest innovation since the Internet. However, a blockchain is comprised of a bunch of technologies that are actually pretty old. The biggest surprise when it comes to Bitcoin may be that it wasn’t invented a decade earlier using dial-up internet!

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