Engineering at Paxos

At Paxos, we are using blockchain technology to build the next-generation infrastructure that will power capital markets for years to come. Our blockchain platform, Bankchain, streamlines and automates post-trade settlement, the process that underpins and serves as the foundation for the global financial system.

Although trading speeds, regulations and the complexity of assets have changed, settlement has not. Today’s post-trade settlement systems were designed decades ago, many during the Nixon administration. Disrupting deeply entrenched global financial operations and processes is a huge challenge. We need the best engineers to solve the complex problems facing today’s capital markets and help us to modernize how assets move through the global financial system.

Our engineers come from a variety of backgrounds ranging from top financial institutions to innovative startups. Many of our engineers have also worked on innovative projects within the Bitcoin and blockchain community before joining Paxos. Regardless of where they come from, we strive to hire the best and expect our engineers to maintain the highest standards.

Paxos Engineering Core Values

Our core values guide the engineering team’s work and drive our culture of pragmatic innovation. 

Be Pro-Active

BE PRO-ACTIVEPaxos engineers don’t wait around to be assigned tasks, they take the initiative. We would rather have our engineers ask for forgiveness than permission.

Be Accountable

BE ACCOUNTABLEOur engineers see their projects and responsibilities through to the end and are always accountable to one another.

Don’t Be Afraid of Failure

DON’T BE AFRAID OF FAILUREPaxos engineers are never afraid to experiment with new ideas. We don't consider churn a bad thing and our engineers are encouraged to refactor code and make it better. We expect that many of our ideas won’t work and that the ones that do will need a lot of iterations. We use every instance as an opportunity for improvement.

Be a Force Multiplier

BE A FORCE MULTIPLIER"10X engineer" is a common term at tech companies, but isn't in our vocabulary at Paxos. We expect our engineers to be Force Multipliers. We do the grunt work and automate processes to make each other more productive and effective.

Keep It Simple

KEEP IT SIMPLEWe believe in writing simple readable code and using the right tool (framework, language) for the job. We only choose technology because it fits a business need. 

Committed to Excellence

COMMITTED TO EXCELLENCEOur engineers do not accept “good enough” and understand that there are no shortcuts to success. We have high standards and do everything in our power to ensure that our products, behavior and thinking meet those standards every day.

Show Respect

SHOW RESPECTGood ideas can come from anywhere. At Paxos, no engineering idea goes unheard. We treat everyone equally and with the utmost respect. We believe that the best teams allow everyone equal time to convey their opinions and listen actively to those expressed by others.   

Since we began our journey of discovery with customers over a year ago, we have fielded a wide variety of questions about blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT). It has become increasingly evident to us that while there is a lot of excitement about blockchain technology, there is also a lack of clarity on its applications and potential for disruption.

As engineers and blockchain evangelists committed to openness, we look forward to educating the broader engineering community about this innovative technology. We are big proponents of open source and passionate about sharing our code, perspectives, challenges and learnings. The Paxos Engineering Blog is the first step in sharing our knowledge with the community.



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